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Teachers, your student could be a victim of child sex trafficking!

Child sex trafficking victims may be forced to engage in sex acts by gang members, family members, or strangers for something of value, such as money, a place to stay, drugs, or transportation.

Teachers, your student could be a victim of child sex trafficking!

At last years JuST Conference, the beLydia team attended several different workshops and a common thread among the survivors speaking was the regret that their teachers never asked what was going on with them.

We listened to many speakers, but six of them were living at home while being trafficked and they all shared how they desperately wished a teacher had paid closer attention and "helped" them.

Several of them said that they would fall asleep in class (because they were up all night being forced to have sex with "customers"). Now obviously not all kids that fall asleep in class are being sold for sex so I'm imploring you to just be aware that it could be happening.

First of all, what am I even talking about? What is child sex trafficking? It's really child sex slavery--kids are being raped. Their "trafficker" is actually a pimp.

A whole dark underground world exists and for the most part, we are clueless. Not only is it happening all over the world, it's happening here in the United States in both large cities and tiny towns. It's absolutely the most demonic evil I've come across and our kids are all targets because of the amount of money involved.

Teachers, school nurses, counselors, do you see a change in your student's behavior? Are they depressed?  Do they have a new group of friends that may be a little "faster" or different than before? Have you noticed bruises? What about tattoos or "branding tattoos?" Are they using multiple cell phones?

Distracted more than usual? Frequently running away? Do they have a hard time making eye contact?

Dressing differently or inappropriately---either wearing clothes out of season or clothes that are more provocative? Do they have an older boyfriend?

It's complicated.

Many of those signs could be normal or related to another issue but I think it's important to just pay attention. Ask questions. Get to know their family. Get to know them and pay attention to them. 

On that note, two of the survivors that shared their story were trafficked by a family member, one was four when it first started.

One of the survivors was trafficked by a teacher.

If you would have told me this three years ago, I would have thought you were crazy but it is happening in our schools and it's time to stop it!

What can you do if you suspect your student is a victim of sex trafficking?

  • Call OnTime Ministries 1 (573) 347-0379 for rescue (24/7)

  • Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline (not 24/7)

  • Email beLydia

  • At last year's ownload the app, Redlight Traffic and report a business or a person or vehicle.



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