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beLydia is a 501(c)3 non-profit that is based in Austin, Texas.

Through generous donors, we are able to educate the community (youth, parents, schools, churches, etc.,) on the dangers of child sex trafficking, pornography & sextortion.

We also have a youth prevention program called

Open Hearts. This teen program is the very heart

of our ministry. 

Open Hearts is a retreat, conference, bible study, and teen intern program where we share prevention education and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why share our faith? We know that girls that know who they are in Christ are less likely to look to the world for adoration and attention. They are less likely to be tricked by a predator.

Open Hearts is free for girls to attend only because of the generosity of our donors. 

Currently, 100% of our operations costs have been paid for by private donors. That means that every dollar that you donate goes directly towards our prevention programs.

Please prayerfully consider supporting beLydia and help prevent our youth from being ensnared in this evil atrocity.




3 Ways YOU can "beGenerous"

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