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Help beLydia spread the word to spare our youth from the tragedy of sex trafficking

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From our beginnings in 2016, our goal has been simple – to use our gifts of hospitality and service to build awareness about the evils of child sex trafficking. Through events, resources, and prayer, we encourage and equip people to recognize the red flags of human trafficking so they can prevent its devastating impact among their family, friends and communities.

Be a part of our

Powerful Events

Our role in the sex trafficking fight is to shine a light into the darkness through open communication and dialogue – which is why we regularly hold events for a variety of audiences.


Details on the 2022 Gala

will be shared

in the summer of 2021.


Regular awareness gatherings for adults, featuring sexual assault survivors, family members of survivors, and sex trafficking experts.


Our youth prevention program

that aims to help young girls learn  how to stay safe & confident so they can find their purpose 

in Christ and use their

God-given gifts.

That’s from a 2016 University of Texas report. The hard reality is that sex traffickers do not discriminate. Anyone – no matter their background, upbringing, or neighborhood – can be targeted and manipulated by a pimp and become a victim of human trafficking. We need your help to save the lives of the boys and girls across Texas. Get involved with beLydia today.

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Nearly 80,000 Texas Youths are Victims of Sex Trafficking at Any Time

Help us end modern day slavery!

Lydia was an


Lydia (Acts 16:14) was an entrepreneur. From our very first event in August 2016 where we shared awareness and hosted a marketplace of women vendors, we knew we needed to include women supporting women while fighting this evil atrocity.

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