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beLydia is a Group of Diverse Women Fighting Sex Trafficking Together

We could not be more different. Yet, God has brought us together and filled us with a passion to bring light to this very dark world.

Not only are we diverse in our heritage, but we are also diverse in our giftings. We have completely different life experiences, different economic backgrounds, different ways of doing things.

God uses it all. He brought us together for a reason. He broke our hearts for a reason and He is able to use all of our strengths and weaknesses and somehow makes it work.

What is something that you’re passionate about? Is it photography? God can use that to help beLydia. Is it baking? God can use that to help beLydia. What about your obsession with creating the best salad dressing? Yeah, God can use that to help beLydia too.

Do you love to blog and write? We can use you! Good at making graphics? We need you!

Are you selling essential oils or jewelry? We can use you to share awareness.

We are an organization that uses our giftings & passions to prevent one of the darkest, most demonic enterprises on the face of the planet and we need your help. I know that sounds dramatic but children are literally being tricked and forced to have sex. While safely tucked away in their bedrooms, they are being tricked by predators into taking off their clothes and sending the predator the photos. They are shamed into sending more. And more. And more until they are so far in, they can’t see a way out.

We use our diverse giftings to connect with other women, men, teachers, nurses, churches. We use those gifts while we host events and network with people in the community.

I used to work as an event planner and let me tell you, I never thought I would use those skills beyond hosting family on the holidays. After blowing up 1,000 beach balls (literally, one thousand) and tying them with wire to make an arch (thus giving me carpal tunnel), I NEVER wanted to host an event again. Please Lord, never again!

The Lord laughs at my demands.

“A man's heart plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.”- Proverbs. 16:9

Working with vendors, the incredible tedious work of planning every detail, all of those skills I never thought would be used again but the Lord totally uses all of that experience I took for granted now with beLydia.

Our interests and backgrounds help us reach more people.

Sparking up conversations with different groups of people from different denominations, different economic backgrounds, the Lord uses our diversity to grow beLydia.

Diversity is vital to beLydia because this issue of child sex trafficking, pornography, and sextortion is across the board a danger for ALL children. Affluent families, middle-class families living in suburbia, to those living in the “Projects” all children are at risk. beLydia uses diversity to grow awareness in every community and that is key to prevention.

If you’re reading this and wondering how you can help, I promise you that God gave you a passion for something that we can use to reach more people.

We would love to have your help. Please reach out to us through the comments section or by emailing



Hi! My name is Terri

& I'm the founder

of beLydia,

a non-profit that uses hospitality to prevent 

child sex trafficking.

We love Jesus

& pretty things.

This is our blog.

What an honor to be

included in this list!

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If so, would you share our logo on your website with

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Sharing awareness is the most effective way

to prevent child sex trafficking & sextortion.

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