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Welcome Teen Interns!

beLydia is looking for Teen Interns to be featured on our blog.

We need writers, artists, photographers, illustrators, hand-letterers.


Yes, we can give hours for community service!


*As a featured contributor, you will have an author’s bio on our Featured Contributor page.

Bonus: We will be selling subscription boxes (more details on that coming soon) and will include one of your submissions (voted on by our team) in that box.

How: We will share 12 monthly themes based on virtues in the Bible. Each month has a deadline to submit.

Writing for a blog is a little different in that you deal with SEO (search engine optimization) and keywords however to make it less complicated, we suggest just following the basic format of writing an essay.

Requirements for writing a blog post:

-Please write in your voice! This isn’t a paper to be graded. We want YOUR voice so write as if you’re speaking to your {intelligent but not stuffy} friends, not your friend’s parents.
-Compelling headline
-Intro or topic sentence
-The post is ideally over 300 words
-Proper grammar/spelling (in other words, don’t use text language)
-Include sources if you’re quoting someone
-Concluding sentence that brings closure to your post
-Bonus for including a photo (we often find free photos on Unsplash but if you’re a photographer, please share a photo you’ve taken or pair up with a photographer friend)
Please note: We may break up your paragraphs to make it easier to read (again writing for a blog is different).

Requirements for graphics:
We share graphics on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and use Canva or PicMonkey to create them (but feel free to use any photoshop or AI.
Save as .png
We use a branding (or mood board) with the following colors:

Requirements for illustrations: need to be shared as a .png.

Hand-lettering ideas: any of the verses, a few words from the verse, the theme words (courage, wisdom, etc.), or anything related to the theme.

Illustration Ideas: cartoons, drawings, sketches, collages.

Requirements for photography: If you’re sharing more than one photo, consider putting them into a collage (PicMonkey has templates).


Any questions? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

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