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KIM: The one that sticks out the most from my childhood is the Easter Bunny I got one year.   For those of you my age, you may remember when the malls had all the poor little baby bunnies in cages throughout the mall.  In order to get rid of the bunnies after Easter, they would have a drawing and you could win one. I was so excited when I got the call that I had won!  My Mom not so much. (I’m sure the other 500 mothers felt the same.) I thought I was so lucky to be chosen to receive a bunny — not knowing they probably didn’t have enough entries to unload them all.  What can I say, I was 7. We named her Ruby and she was white, soft and so cute!

My Mom made the best Easter Baskets (well the Easter Bunny did) — I remember getting those beautiful sugar eggs that you could see inside.

TERRI: I don’t know that I have a favorite memory but my parents always did a great job hiding the basket. I still do that for my kids although I literally have nothing for their basket this year. 

CHRISTINA: My favorite Easter was actually last year.  My hubby and I were visiting his parents in Germany and I got to spend the holiday there.  It was such a neat experience to get to see how they celebrate and how the church was done there.  I loved the feeling of being in this tiny but beautiful traditional service! I did not understand a word of course but all that mattered was that the Lord did lol!

My favorite tradition is doing our egg hunt.  We have done them every year since we were children and now we get to do it with our nieces and nephews.  It is so much fun to watch them get so excited to find the eggs and then have the kind of laugh that hurts your tummy while they chase each other to crack them. 

A few years ago, my then 6-year-old niece Sophia (who is a total ragamuffin and super tiny) decided to take off her Easter dress and put on pants and riding boots.  Then, she proceeded to tackle her brother who is about 4 times her size because he had cracked an egg on her head and she was ANGRY! She ran as fast as her little legs could carry her and tackled him and they were both sent rolling down the hill.  We could not stop laughing because every now and then as they rolled, you would just see this tiny pair of boots stick straight up in the air! It was the best!

Speaking of which, does anyone else HATE when someone cracks an egg over your head with the force of Goliath?! 

TERRI: I have never had an egg cracked over my head before. Are you talking about a real egg? 

Now that I’ve had more time to think when I think of Easter, I think of having the Easter Egg hunt with my brother (who always found my basket first), dressing up for church, and going to my grandmother’s house. She made me “special potatoes” (I later found out they were frozen O’Brien potatoes) because everyone else ate mashed potatoes and I refused. Her candy dishes were always full. So much food. So many desserts and side dishes.

She would make ham and I also hated ham (I’m suddenly recognizing who my kids get their picky eating habits from). I think I only ate the potatoes and dessert and maybe green beans. And rolls. 

I can even remember the scent of the dishwashing soap because all of the women would do the dishes together after we ate. She had a big ceramic picture of the Last Supper in her dining room that was all white, unfinished ceramic. I loved that artwork.

CHRISTINA: You have never had an Easter egg cracked on your head?! Raw! Lol lol! No, it is an eggshell filled with confetti.  Maybe it is just a Hispanic thing? 

We used to save our eggshells for months and wash them out. The night before Easter we would die them and fill them with confetti for the egg hunt.  Now we are lazy and buy them at HEB! I am going to save some eggs and come over to your house when we are free!

TERRI:  A real egg? You wash out a real eggshell? Do you poke a hole in it? How do you get the confetti in it without cracking it?!

AMANDA: We would crack the very top of the egg and let all the contents out. We would start saving eggs after Christmas. Cracking eggs without breaking them can be difficult unless you were a pro like I was .

My favorite memory is the first Easter we spent here in Austin. It was son’s 4th birthday and the year before my husband had already moved here so the kids and I spent it alone. It was really nice to celebrate as a family and in a really big way! I love any reason to celebrate!

Traditionally, I love to hide all the kids’ baskets and write clues to help them find them. I also love the egg hunt—like Christina I enjoy watching our kids find and crack the eggs.

STACY: Easter scavenger hunt here we come! I love Easter with my children and seeing the look on their faces Easter morning with anticipation for the big hunt(150 eggs).

I like making my kids (now that they’re older) work for their baskets. Lol! Momma (me) makes a big breakfast, the Hissey’s with a few other close friends come over with their kiddos and off we send the kids. We hide anything from candy to scripture verses to broccoli to $10(golden eggs). Then we all get busy in the kitchen and start the late lunch/early dinner meal.

Ever since Maddie was 2years old I have ordered a cross-shaped cake with “He Is Risen” down the cross to celebrate Jesus. To wrap up the day we watch the movie Hop with the kids. 

My favorite Easter memory really is having these Easter egg/ scavenger hunts with dear family friends, their precious children and here and there my extended family. Not to forget the confetti egg fights that the kids love to have with the parents. ADVIL take me away!

This will be our first year we are not having the scavenger hunt with all 18 kids.:-(

FROM ALL OF US AT BELYDIA: Happy Easter! We are so grateful to be able to share with you the reason for our hope in working to prevent child sex trafficking. That hope is Jesus Christ alone. He died for your sins (all of our sins) and came back three days later to show us Hope.


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