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How to Captivate the Heart of Jesus

Dusk settles over Wyoming's wild country as we gather beneath the milky light of a crescent moon. A cowboy strums his guitar, and I glance at his young apprentice on the far side of the deck. Our eyes lock, and I feel my heart leap in my chest. I have no idea this moment will forever remind me of exactly what happens to the heart of Jesus every time I glance in his direction.

Nearly twenty years have passed since I first locked eyes with the handsome young cowboy beneath wild Wyoming skies. We now lock eyes across the kitchen table as our three children bicker about who got the biggest cookie. He smiles playfully, understanding my weariness after a long day at home with the kids. His gaze still captivates my heart.

How to Captivate the Heart of Jesus

Later in the evening, after the little ones are tucked into their beds, I pull out my Bible and turn to the one verse that has changed my life more than any other.

Song of Solomon 4:9 reads, "You have captivated my heart, my sister, my bride; you have captivated my heart with one glance of your eyes" (ESV).

My mind returns to the first time my gaze locked with the eyes of the man I would one day marry. I remember the way my heart seemed to leap from my chest beneath those wild Wyoming skies. I remember the way my pulse quickened – the powerful awakening inside me.

My thoughts shift to the way that same man looked at me from across the kitchen table just hours ago. One glance from him still captivates my heart.

As I gaze at the Word of God on my lap, my heart is stirred in a very similar way. God's Word tells me that one glance toward Jesus captivates his heart.

The Power of Christ's Love amidst Our Sin

The power of this kind of love wrecks me.

I have not always lived for Jesus. For many years, I lived for myself – pursuing my own desires and living an ungodly life. I chased all the wrong whims and made more mistakes than I could count.

At the end of that long stretch of unholy living, I imagined Jesus must be quite disappointed in me. I imagined him folding his arms and looking at me with disgust.

Even now, after a day of repeatedly snapping at my kids and grumbling about my life, my natural tendency is to cower in shame.

Jesus does ask us to repent – to turn away from sin and turn toward him. However, he is not gazing at us in disgust. Do you know what happens when we turn toward him?

We captivate his heart.

Friend, if you have never made the conscious decision to turn away from sin and turn toward Jesus, today is the day. He waits with open arms. And when you turn in his direction, you capture his heart like a glance shared between young lovers.

You Captivate the Heart of Jesus Every Time You Pause and Look His Way

Many years have passed since I turned from my life of intentional sin and turned toward Jesus as my Lord. My faith has burned like wildfire in some seasons, and it has been a slow and steady flame in other seasons.

I have learned to hold fast to my identity as Christ's beloved daughter – the one part of my identity that will never change.

I am now living in the season of raising little ones and juggling the dozens of demands that go with maintaining a household, working from home, and ministering to the world. It is a full season. My days offer very few moments for silence and solitude.

During this season of juggling, one Truth continues to transform the way I live. I daily remind myself that every glance toward Jesus captivates his heart.

Keep Glancing His Way

I glance affectionately toward Jesus at the sink with the soapy plates.

Two minutes after breaking up a frustrating sibling squabble – amid my frustration – I glance desperately toward Jesus.

I glance toward him while I swish the toilets and while I clean the windows.

I look his way while I fold laundry and while I write on the laptop.

With each glance, I remind myself of the truth: These quiet glances captivate the heart of Jesus.

I remember the first glance I shared with my handsome husband. I smile. My heart beats a little faster as I think of Jesus' affection. I vow to glance his way more often.

An Invitation to Captivate the Heart of Jesus

Jesus longs for you to look his way today too, friend. He is drawing you to his transforming love. He wants you to encounter his captivated heart and emerge forever changed by one brush with his love.

If you have never humbled yourself in his presence, turned from your sin, and turned toward him to receive forgiveness, he is inviting you today. You didn't read these words by accident. Profess your need for cleansing and turn toward him. Ask him to forgive you and be your Guide and Lord.

Perhaps you've been walking with the Lord for a long time, but your faith feels stagnant. He is inviting you to return to him today. Begin by pausing and glancing in his direction. Affectionately acknowledge that he is with you. Turn your attention to him. Find a reason to thank him, or simply rest in the awareness of his presence.

One encounter with his captivated heart will forever change your life.

Stacey Pardoe is the author of beautiful posts at Encountering God in the Ordinary. You will be blessed by visiting her website at You can also find encouragement through her social media on Facebook and Twitter.




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