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1. Spiritual Warfare is no joke.

If you only knew the spiritual attacks the beLydia team encountered getting ready for this event, you wouldn't believe it! One example: You know how the week before you're hosting a party, you have a list a mile long of things you need to do so that you're prepared? Well, I had that mile-long list and then came down with the flu, so two days before our big event, I could barely lift my head off the pillow.

From daily planning sessions with Christina who has become my right-hand woman; Sue who just dove into the deep end of event planning; Amanda who set up and took charge of registration; Gracelyn painting beautiful ornaments; Shari running out to Home Depot at the last minute to purchase more lights; Ashley Canfield signed up as our event photographer; Julie helping plan men's events; Stacy helping create home gatherings; Elizabeth singing; Katie helping with a bible study; the vendors, sponsors and all the volunteers (Ryan, April, Veit, Clio, Colette, Kara) that made the event a success! The fact that beLydia has a team now is amazing. WE ARE BLESSED!