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The beLydia 2023
Open Hearts Scholarship
for $2,500


beLydia would like to announce our Open Hearts Scholarship Program!

beLydia is a non-profit organization that invests in young women to prevent exploitation. 


What is it? 

We will be giving away $2,500 scholarships to 10 young ladies who will be attending or are enrolled in a qualified University or Technical/Educational Program.  

Who can apply?

Pretty much anyone that would be considered at a disadvantage!  We only ask that those who apply are truly in need.  We want to reserve these funds to make a difference in someone's life! *Please see our requirements below for more information.

What we need from you…

Criteria and Eligibility:

1.Applicants must fill out a beLydia Open Hearts Scholarship Application Form and share a high school transcript.

2.Applicants must come from a disadvantaged background.  Note: Anybody that feels that they have come from a disadvantaged background. This includes being the child of a single parent, caretaker for sick parent, survivor of trauma or abuse, financially disadvantaged background, etc . 

3.If an applicant has had issues with substance abuse or any other trauma, they will be required to submit proof of completion from a substance abuse or trauma program. 

Expectations and Requirements: 

  1. Recipients will be required to participate in at least one advisorship session with an Open Hearts Scholarship Advisory Committee member or beLydia team member. Any subsequent sessions will be optional but highly encouraged.

  2. Recipients should remember that they are a representative of beLydia and shall uphold themselves to the organization's values.  

  3. After receiving the Open Hearts Scholarship, beLydia will require recipients to serve at the annual Open Hearts Conference for teen girls (either live or virtually via a pre-recorded message).  

  4. After completing one full year in the Open Hearts Scholarship Program, recipients may be invited to mentor another participant of any beLydia program.

  5. Applicants must also submit at least two but no more than four character references.  


What we may ask of you…

  1. To write a thank you letter to donors, film a short video or create something of your own that expresses your gratitude to those who contribute to this fund.

  2. To serve on a youth advisory board or participate in planning of our Open Hearts Conference.

  3. To share your experience with beLydia on our website or social media platforms.


On or before April 15th.  


Notification of Award on or before May 15th, 2023.

*Notification of award will be done via email.  It is essential that an email address is provided. You will have two weeks to accept your scholarship award so check your email regularly!

*Awards will be sent directly to the institution that you are attending so you will be asked to provide the contact information for your school’s financial office. 

By applying, you're agreeing to the above listed expectations and requirements.

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