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Open Hearts Testimonies

APRIL 13th + 14th, 2018 | AUSTIN, TX


Girls, 8th-senior in college



“Hearing advice and stories of real live experiences related to God. I loved how everything was tied back to the word.”

“My favorite part of the conference was the feeling of connection between the adults and the girls!”

“It showed me that I am not alone and I have an awesome Savior and great friend to help me through struggles.”

“Jordan Lee Dooley”

“Bible journaling and Jordan speaking.”

“All of the speakers, the worship, the passionate women who aren’t afraid.”

“Getting to hear the beLydia team talk from personal experiences.”

“Jordan and Terri.”

“Jordan and True Colors.”

“The speakers were amazing! There was so much thought & effort put in. THANK YOU!!”

“This conference was so empowering and really brought to light my troubles and what to do with them.”

“My favorite thing was when Jordan spoke. I feel like having her talk about opening your heart was amazing to the purpose.”

“My favorite thing was getting to hear Jordan speak. It was really amazing to hear her story and her way to live with an open heart.”

“I loved how much Jesus was here. I loved learning new things! Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!”

“The worship and all of the speakers.”

“Probably just getting to be in the midst of other girls and being reminded that we are all broken in our own way and we can use our brokenness to connect with God.”

“That we could come and learn about God with other girls and meeting new amazing women who show us what a true woman of God is.”

“I enjoyed the encouragement and hearts of the beLydia staff.”

“The speakers. A chance to open up my heart. Dear Me letters. Not being judged. My bible.”

“I love the amount of praying because I pray all the time and I love it! I love how y’all connected to beLydia are helping us come closer to God and understanding Him.”

“Being able to lean closer to God and to learn more about Him.”

“My favorite part was the True Colors activity and the Project Beauty video.”

“Giving everything to God and meeting new people.”

“Jordan Lee and Terri speaking were both the highlights of this conference for me.”

“How genuine and obedient to God every worker and speaker was. They actually care, I love that.”


“My favorite part was the worship and just being in the presence of God.”

“When Jordan Lee Dooley came and spoke.”

“Worship, finding our color.”

“The worship.”

“The speakers and worship and activities.”

“All of the knowledge. Women speaking Jesus’ word.”

“How interactive it was: hands on. Being treated like princesses meant a lot. The heart behind every word and activity.”

“The love that the staff had. How Spirit-led all the speakers were. How genuine everyone was. How we learned God’s truth about our identity.”

“Worship and Jordan Lee.”

“Jordan and all the speakers! This conference really helped to go back to the basics. Remember to be rooted in Christ even in tough times. Worship was fantastic!”


“My favorite part was the worship. Worship was just so beautiful & really touched my heart.”

“The yoga and personality colors.”

“My favorite thing was how many different topic/activities there were.”

“My favorite thing was how much we focused on how we’re powerful through God and that we must not forget. All of the speakers were amazing.”


“I felt very loved and very happy in community.”

“Becoming closer to God through worship and hearing other people’s stories.”

“I liked the True Colors & writing letters & putting the paper in the water.”

“The speakers and the stories they told.”

“Food & speakers.”

“My favorite thing about the conference was seeing how the different messages touched the lives of the girls who needed to hear them. Also, the way God put different people here who all had different things speak in their hearts. The way the speakers said the same truths in different ways helped this to happen.”

“Wisdom spoken through the beLydia women! I also loved the self-care tips and guidance for digging into the Word. You did a great job of getting to the root of why our practices and behaviors matter.”

“The love everyone had for each other and how I now have a better understanding of what it means to have an open heart.”

“I enjoyed the constant love. I could feel the Lord’s presence. I enjoyed the speakers and the truth they spoke. I like that it made girls aware, and gave us an image of who we truly are.”

“Worship and Jordan speaking.”

“Jordan Dooley and the Project Beauty video!”

“The memories and moments I shared with my sister and friends. The True Colors thing was so cool.”

“Jordan Lee Dooley from Soul Scripts. The True Colors Personality test.”

“Jordan Dooley’s talk! Holy Yoga! Swag bag–thank you!!”

“I heard the voice of God.”

“The speakers, the information, meeting new women who are so intertwined with God.”

“I loved the worship music, the True Colors activity and all of the speakers.”

“I loved the message of freedom. I needed the reminder that we find freedom when we surrender and trust God.”

“Jordan Lee! All the generous “swag” and anxiety talk.”

“I enjoyed it all but I really enjoyed Jordan Lee. Her talk really captured my attention and really related to my life an the challenges that I have faced.”

“I liked how there was speakers along with it and I liked how at the end you were able to talk more about beLydia and ask and answer questions.”

“This was a Spirit-led event!”


“Yes. Through conversation (not preaching) I got to hear how important I am to God and how loved I am. I search for healing in the world and completely looked past the True Healer, God.”

“It just made me realize my true identity and how loved I am.”

“It tuned my heart. It was exactly what I needed at this time. God’s timing is truly spectacular.”

“Yes. I was in need of strong female role models in Christ who lead as an example as daughters of Christ.”


“Gave me so much more confidence and truth. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!”

“Yes–God’s word!”

“I know how to give up worldly things.”

“It helped a lot.”

“Yes! It was really refreshing to hear so many amazing things about my Father and getting to live with an open heart.”


“It transformed me by being able to feel the presence of God by all of the raising hands and closing eye activities.”

“Yes. It changed my perspective on broken things. If we just open our hearts and let God in and sit at His feet, we will forever be in the joy of the Lord.”

“Yes, it showed me to not fall into my routine of church, school, and thank Him but to study who He actually is and who He wants me to be in my life and to others.”

“Yes, it’s ok to not be ok. Surrender to the Father for He loves you and all your broken pieces.”

“Yes, I feel like I truly accepted Jesus into my heart and want him to stay there forever.”

“Yes it did. It helped me move closer to God and I understand more about Him.”

“The conference transformed me by knowing how important it is to read my Bible everyday. It also reminded me that God loves me so much, no matter what.”

“Yes! I feel much better about what really matters.”

“Yes! The way I see myself will be different. The things I thought weren’t ok because it was out of the ordinary is ok. And I can give more grace to others in our differences.”

“Yes. It opened my eyes to how much my God loves me. I was overwhelmed with His love during worship for the very first time. This conference gave me that. THANK YOU.”

“Yes, I was able to open up within myself to God.”

“It helped me become closer to God.”

“I figured out the type of person I am and to understand not everyone’s like me.”

“Yes. It helped in my confidence with myself and in God.”

“Yes. I feel it has or is bringing me closer to God.”

“Yes, it reminded me to hold onto the promise that I am forgiven because of the Cross.”

“Yes! I feel empowered and equipped. Thank you for everything! God really used y’all to impact my life and my friends lives.”

“I knew who God was, but now I know how much He loves me and I’m A DAUGHTER OF A KING!”

“Yes. It took me back to the reason I originally fell in love with Jesus.”

“Yes it did!! It built my confidence and showed me a different side of God.”

“I think it really did help transform me. The Lord is still working on me, but I feel like He really wanted me to be here.”

“Yes, I learned about my personality more.”

“Yes I am transformed! Thank you all so much!”

“Yes, this is exactly what I needed and I just want to thank all of you.”

“It made more more confident.”

“Yes, it helped me know myself worth and that no matter what I feel, I am loved.”

“Yes, it gave me more of an understanding of who I am.”

“I believe this conference transformed me by speaking these truths over my life. I feel like I know myself better now and can be confident in the purpose He has for me.”

“Yes, it changed my understanding of Christianity.”

“Yes, I think I’m more confident and okay with my faults and weaknesses.”

“Made me more aware and made me want to get back to spending a lot of time with the Lord.”

“Yes, I now feel like I have a better understanding of who I am and could be and I know better how to positively interpret with other people’s actions.

“Yes! Needed these reminders of my identity very much right now.”

“Heck yes! This made me feel so important and happy. I woke up singing ‘Hallelujah!” I am so excited to be a DAUGHTER.”

“Wonderful conference. Will come back–should do again. It was wonderful.”

“It was an amazing encouragement and time of fellowship.”

“This conference reminded me to turn to Jesus. I’m walking through a season of uncertainty and anxiety has been present. I need the reminder of freedom.”

“Bible journaling and Holy Yoga has inspired me to do a better time with quiet time. New things will be refreshing.”

“Yes. It raised my confidence in myself and reminded of the need to root myself in God’s word every morning and throughout the day.”

“Yes, it was an overall great experience and such a great spiritual high.”


“Time to be honest. So this weekend consisted of drowning every harsh & negative word of rejection & anything less than worthy said to me or placed in my mind from the pit of hell. It consisted of realizing Satan isn’t after me but the God inside of me. Figuring out that when we focus on these worldly blessings we forget the Blesser. When people say we are crazy, no, we are crazy for Jesus. I remembered that Jesus breaks the bondage between us & whatever yolk we have. He breaks the bondage & breaks through our brokenness. Everything besides Him is dead. We need changed people not Christian people. That freedom comes when you open your heart & it starts with surrenderance. That God is in wild pursuit after my heart. I have come to know that I need to open my heart fully to Him, not 98% but FULLY. I am ready to faith it till I make it.”

“Wow. BEST DAY EVER. My heart is overflowing as to how God has blessed me. SO SO PURE. This girl is truly living beloved through her brokenness & how redeemed through her ragged pieces. How glorious is it to see others live as part of the TEAM OF THE REDEEMED!!!”

“OPEN HEARTS | Philippians 4:8-9 | It’s been a while where I’ve seen so many strong, passionate women speak truth about finding their true identity as a daughter of Christ. I hope I never stray from this truth.

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