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Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life


Sue Bidstrup

Great Big Yes!

Sometimes we look at our lives and we wish
things were different. We look at where we are
and we think about where we want to be and
they are not the same.


It is very important that
we understand we do have power in our own
lives. While we can’t control everything, we can
control some things. It’s important that we are
honest with ourselves about what we can and
can’t control and that we don’t allow ourselves
to fall into a victim mentality.

The thing that affects our life most
profoundly is our THOUGHTS. Maybe you’ve
heard it said that the real limitations in your life
are “between your ears”. Meaning, your
thoughts may be holding you back from the life
you really want. In Scripture, it tells us to “take
every thought captive” and we are instructed in
Romans 12:2 to “Be not conformed to this world;
but be transformed by the renewing of your

But how do we do this?

This is called "The Model". It was created by
Brooke Castillo. It is a powerful tool to help get
the results you want.

Grab a piece of paper and write the following 5 words down with space underneath:












You can start at the beginning of the model
with the circumstance. The circumstance is
always neutral, meaning anyone would agree
on it, it’s a fact.


For instance, “I received a D on
my math test” is a circumstance. It’s not
debatable, it’s true.


However, if you tell me the
circumstance is “I’m terrible at math”, that
would be a THOUGHT, not a circumstance.
Does that make sense?

Let's practice:

It’s important to keep the circumstance simple, clear

and factual.

Circumstance - I received a D on my math test

Thought - I’m stupid

Feeling - Defeat, depression, no hope

Actions - Withdrawal, giving up, not studying

Results - Failing math

Now let’s pay special attention to the THOUGHT line.
Let’s “take every thought captive” and see how it
changes our feelings, actions, and results.

Circumstance - I received a D on my math


Thought - It’s not great but I can study really
hard and do well next time. I can ask the teacher for


Feeling - Empowerment, hope,

Actions - Study, ask for help

Results - Improve my grade and pass math. AND
understand that I have power in my own life.


You can use any circumstance to practice.


You can also start with the feeling. If you are feeling sad and discouraged, you can ask yourself:

Why do I feel this way?
What THOUGHT am I thinking?
What other thought would help me feel better and
lead to empowered action?
How can I change my thought?

I hope this helps! Remember you can choose your
thoughts and create the life you want!

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