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I have a friend, Sue Bidstrup, who happens to be a life coach and cheerleader for women to say “Yes” to whatever God wants them to do. She reminded me this week that when your life seems random, God is in all of it. He will use all of it. All of the random jobs, classes, friends, places you have traveled to, people you have met.

We may not ever see those experiences come to fruition in a tangible way (in our eyes) but nothing is wasted.

My life is random. I think anyone that knew me would 100% agree with that.

Starting with my first job, after years of babysitting, I had the distinct pleasure of selling socks.

I worked at a pizza place for three days (boss called me “Blondie” so I quit). “Worked” at a record store on a college campus. Sold jewelry at Cost Plus for two days (hated it). Worked at the Marriot Desert Springs in the gift shop for maybe two weeks?

Spent a very stressful three days at a coffee shop in Beverly Hills and quit when Jamie Lee Curtis yelled at me in front of everyone.

There was a clothing store that I thought would be fun to work at and quit at lunch on the first day. I sold make-up in a department store and was exceptional at talking people out of buying things.

That job lasted forever, like six months, I think.

I’ve been an interior designer, make-up artist, event coordinator, photographer, outreach coordinator, health coach, Holy Yoga instructor and now I have a non-profit that uses hospitality to prevent child sex trafficking.


I was talking with Sue about our Instagram account. Which, if you’ve followed us, you know is the definition of random. Not only in what I post but when I post. I accidentally deleted the account (not the first time!) and couldn’t get it back. It randomly showed up a YEAR later.

Hi, I don’t know what I’m doing.


I was complaining about how much I struggle with so much of Instagram. On one hand, I love it because I’m a visual person so I love to see all the food boards, the table settings, the decor. I love baby photos and dogs and flowers. Beautiful things, I love you!

What I don’t love are the selfies. I don’t love them. I think they are…strange and I wonder when it happened that we started to turn the camera to ourselves? We didn’t use to do that, did we? #grandma

But then Sue reminded me that people want to see the person behind the brand. It doesn’t have to be a selfie account, and we all know the difference.

I don’t have to be in every shot. I’m never going to try to make money off of anything I’m wearing. You’re welcome.

So, all of this to say, she’s helping us (team effort!) gain the courage to blog more and work on Instagram. I’m praying that once I publish this, I will commit to doing this and not back out.

I’m reliable in my life, just not with social media.

Although looking at my job history, maybe I’m not reliable?

I’m reliable with beLydia because I’m afraid to say “no” to God.

And I’m working (REALLY HARD) on not being so impulsive. Life long struggle!

This is scary–the blogging, social media, the sharing of my life, and the lives of my team. We’re private people and all of this is outside of our comfort zone.

I agree completely that it’s interesting when you see God work in other people’s lives. I love that! He is most definitely working in my life and the women that work with me. So, we’ll try to share some of that and we hope you get the courage to do the same.

P.S. Also–Sue is an amazing life coach, cheerleader, marketing expert, life enthusiast so go hire her–you won’t regret it! She’s so good if you feel stuck, whether that’s with your career, relationships, or life in general.

Sue Bidstrup of Great Big Yes! living her best life and teaching at our Open Hearts 2018

Sue Bidstrup of Great Big Yes! living her best life and teaching at our Open Hearts 2018.



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