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What on earth is going on?

I've had so many people reach out to me asking what on earth is going on in the world with all the rumors of major corporations, politicians, and celebrities being involved in child sex trafficking?

Things seem way out of control and dark. We all feel that negative energy, don't we?

Some people refer to it as the "Great Awakening" because we are waking up to what really is going on in our world.

Let me just say, I am not an expert in any of this. I just happen to be in a pedophile research group (of all things) and it's given me a bit of an insider view to what is going on (the dark) and how it's being exposed (the light).

It's also given me nightmares.

"Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil."
Ephesians 6:10-6:20

Instead of spilling the beans and telling you everything I've learned, I've made the choice to share some links and encourage you to do your own research.

You're going to believe what you want to believe and process it in a way that is best for your spirit. This darkness, so blatant and hideous is beyond comprehension. Take in what you can and leave the rest.

I realize it seems like I'm talking in code and I just don't know how else to share without sharing.

Why not just share?

When I started to share with people around me they shut me down. My husband even told me not to tell anyone because it's just so insane.

He's right, it is, and after much prayer, I've come to realize that it's not my job to tell everyone what is going on.

Bottom line: We're all grown-ups, we can do our own research.

I'm just telling you, YES; you should do the research.

When you first learn about it, you're going to think it's a conspiracy.

Over 800,000 men, women, and children a YEAR are being trafficked in the world.

Ask yourself this question: Where are those people? Where are those children? Most of them are children!

Maybe it's not a conspiracy after all.

Then you're going to put the pieces together and look at ALL THE SIGNS, right there in front of you, and you're going to cry and grieve.

Then you're going to get angry and want to tell everyone you know. And they are going to think you've lost your mind.

beLydia prevents child sex trafficking, shouldn't we be sharing all of this?

Yes, we have a non-profit that spreads awareness about child sex trafficking but to be perfectly honest, this goes beyond what we could ever imagine.

And that's saying a lot.

The Lord gave me this in my prayer time:

"Do not dwell on evil, only learn about it to keep it from happening."

So while I am sharing this post, I will not be your go-to for all of this.

I have had to make the choice to choose hope and love and not constantly dwell in the darkness. beLydia is about being faithful to what the Lord has opened my heart to (and the hearts of everyone that works with me) and getting sucked into this dark, demonic vortex is not what is on my heart.

The more energy we give to something, the bigger it becomes. I'd rather be aware of what is going on but then use my life to serve others with love.

It's easy to look at the celebrities and gossip and get consumed about how evil they are but we are all sinners. I don't even see them as human anymore to be perfectly honest. To me, they are lost souls in need of Jesus Christ.

Here's the good news: God wins. He not only wins, but we also win because He is in us. He is LOVE and His love and power reside inside of us so that we can overcome the darkness.


Some resources to get you started:

Out of Shadows Documentary

Fall of the Cabal

If you're in the rabbit hole looking for more information, you can search on the Duck Duck Go search engine, not the other ones which shall remain nameless (because they will block the articles).

When you are searching online, you're going to see news websites refuting all of this. I think time and time again we have been shown that the news lies to us, right? The days of trusting are over, we need to dig deeper.

Use your discernment! No one wants this to be true. I certainly don't. I wish this wasn't true. If this is not true, I will celebrate! But then where are those people that are being trafficked?

Lastly, this is not political. I wish it were because then it would be easy to say who the bad people are and get rid of them.


P.S. When you're done, come back to our blog and check out any of our posts on faith. Ground yourself in your faith--that's my advice.

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