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Youth Programs



Our Teen Awareness Program started with us just talking to teens and getting to know them. We set up a Teen Advisory Board because we realized they could teach us a lot

of really valuable information.


We also did some thinking about why this is happening. 

Why are so many teens being tricked into sex trafficking? We realized that it’s because they don’t know who they are in Christ. Even girls that are from “solid” Christian families are being tricked so they may know Jesus but maybe don’t believe He loves them.

They don’t know their worth.

From that realization, we came up with a Teen Conference called Open Hearts where we had the conversation about what happens when God opens your heart and what happens when the world opens your heart. We taught them who they are in Christ, how God created them to be unique, how to bible journal, how to deal with anxiety, and much more.

Image by Tracey Hocking
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