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Hearts at War: Exodus 14:14


“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” 


Director of beLydia's Open Hearts Programs

Hearts at War

Every year when we (beLydia) come together to prayerfully ask God what we should do, he always gives us a word and a verse.

Last year it was Fire, and this year it is war.

Why War?


To simply put it, our hearts are a battlefield, and we must choose every day whose side we are fighting for. 


Why Exodus 14:14: The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still?


Well, when He tells us we are at war, He also tells us that He would devour (that's what fight for you means in this context) our problems, and all we have to do is wait on Him. The only thing we have to do is lean on Him. It seems easy, right? I actually learned that even a seasoned Christian has trouble leaning on Him.  


Last May, I witnessed a friend from church engaging in behavior that left me incredibly conflicted. I did not want to go to church because I did not want to see this person or their family.


This person was going through a difficult time, and I felt internally pressured to say something. However, this person was very fragile, and so was the entire situation. I ultimately decided not to go to church for a while to allow this pressure inside me to heal.


Then June came, and I became violently ill. I had to drop out of my Summer classes because I was too sick to attend. After that, it just seemed like something was happening every month to keep me from going to church.


Suddenly not going to church for a few weeks turned into eight months. Yes, eight months! In those eight months, not only did I not go to church, but I did not pray or do anything that could nurture my faith.    


In February, a friend who is more like a sister invited me to go to a church I had never been to, and you would not believe what happened!


The night before church, I felt compelled to pray. When I tried to pray, I could not hear from the Lord.


This might seem strange, but when I pray, I hear the words I am supposed to say. Not being able to hear the Lord left me feeling so alone and all I could do was cry on the floor.


I was raised to know Him, and He seemed so far away. The next day at church, after about twenty minutes of struggling to get into the worship, I lifted my hands and said: "Father, I want it. I want what You are trying to give me."


Suddenly the barriers came down. I started to pray scriptures I had never prayed before. The words came pouring out of my mouth. I could hear the words being said, but it's like it wasn't me saying them. It was the Holy Spirit speaking through me. It felt like I was being resurrected at that moment, and I was. 


After going so many months without the Lord, I had finally come to my senses. I now understood what Exodus 14:14 was talking about.


Instead of asking God for His direction that day in May, I took it into my own hands. I did not have any understanding of what I witnessed; I only had judgment.


God had the entire picture, including all the facts.


If I had only asked him what to do, He would have told me to be patient and that He would take care of it.


After eight months of spiritual silence, I finally had clarity. I finally had what He was trying to tell me all along. That He would fight for me, I need only to be still. 


There is a war that has been going on ever since there was a Satan. He wants our hearts, souls, and minds.


The enemy will be fighting for these things until we leave this earth.


I, however, do not fear this because I know my God is greater. There is nothing He hasn't seen before, and he can never be surprised.


God has experience and knowledge that is unparalleled.


The next time you find yourself in a messy situation go to Him because he always knows what to do.


He created you, and He loves you. If He wasn't going to fight for you, He would not have created you.


If it's important to you, it's important to Him. Just take a deep breath and be still.

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